Games for Girls

If your daughter likes to chat with other girls online and be able to customize how they'll look like in the internet world, then this website is perfect for them.

All Girl Arcade's Spark City World lets your daughter communicate with different girls from all over the world with a twist. They get to live in an apartment that's theirs to customize and their avatars, too!

The website first helps her choose an avatar if she's a girly girl, a Fashionista, a bookworm or the sporty type. After the selection, she then gets to dress up her doll starting from hair to shoes. Before anything, you must be by your daughter's side to help her with signing up for Spark City World. She needs to have a parent's email for confirmation. Remind her that she should never share her password to anyone. After reading the rules and signing up, you must confirm your email before your daughter gets to access the website.

Here are some screenshots for you and your kid to look at:


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