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The world, the people and the technology is evolving bigger and bigger. Who would have thought that our Family Computer consoles will become the inspiration of the new age gaming technologies like Xbox and PlayStation? Who knew that searching for the right (and wrong) answers can now be done over the computer and not mainly in books?

With all these technology hoopla going on, there's rarely a chance for the old stuff anymore. Nowadays, we don't always see a writer hunching over stacks of papers with a pencil on-hand. Most of these guys have their netbooks or notebooks on their lap, typing away. Now even one of the most beautiful things in the world is somewhat dependent on technology.

The site I'm going to feature today is Etsy, an e-commerce website that sells all things that are handmade and vintage: from wallets, bags, iPad cases, laptop cases, home furnitures... you name it!

Etsy boasts creations from people of different countries in the world - just like eBay. Their sellers are either groups or individuals, so, you'll definitely see a large collection of crafts posted on the website (I know I spent a very large amount of time on Etsy just looking at the handmade products). And if you like a certain product but don't have the money to buy it just yet, you can click on the heart shape just when you hover over the image to add the item to your favorites. You can just check it back later. Just log in and you're all set to do it.

The only negative thing I can say about this website is that it gives room for spammers to register and put in their scam products. Just now, I clicked on the Lowest Price tab and I saw this post that says: "10 Super Fast Ways to Make 10K Online Per Month Free". And I know a spam post when I see one.

Check out Etsy now and start shopping!


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