Did You Know That...?

A lot of people believe that the number of traffic or visits on a website depends on how it looks; that the site needs to have a special array of colors and design that really grab you attention, thus, helping visitors stay on the website longer.

Flash news! It doesn't.

What would you do with a pretty gift box on the outside with nothing in it inside? Reuse it? Go ahead. Just make sure you tape them tears back really good. And when you see a website that has great design, it makes your eyes sparkle like Edward's body JUST FOR A MINUTE. Why? Because that fancy website has nothing in it other than design. No content, no texture, no weight. That's just like looking at a domain that's just pictures. Useless.

Why am I ranting about this? Simply because there's a website out there that doesn't require any flowery hoo-has and yet it drives in a crazy amount of people everyday.

The site I'm talking about is Did You Know. It is a website (it's not a domain but a subdomain of Tumblr) that features really useful information and other stuff that you may not know about the world and everyday life. Everyday, it posts different pictures of text with the famous headline: did you know? And right below it is an information that you can even boast to your History or Science teacher, even.

You'll be surprised as to what you're able to find in there because most of the information in Did You Know aren't that accessible on Google or Wikipedia. So, if you ever plan on acting like the smartest person in class, head over to Did You Know.


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