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I'm a huge fan of horror films even though I'm a scaredy cat by blood. People close to me would scold me because I'd rent horror flicks yet hide under the covers or behind my pillow.

Since there are about thousands of horror films starting from 1894, one can't simply know all of them, thus the existence of movie search sites like IMDB. But then again, it has too many film genres that you get distracted while looking for horror movies.

Good thing my friend, Elgart, made a blog that's solely for horror movie junkies called Bugaboo Flick. He doesn't review them nor spend a huge amount of time trying to figure out how he can engage his visitors to read his posts. What he does is post the movie posters and jot down the summary or synopsis along with the cast and members of the certain film in that genre. And voila! You've got yourself an easy access just when you're having a hard time in figuring out which scary movie you should watch.

Head over now to Bugaboo Flick!

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