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There are times that you just want to break away from the stress that's happening to you in a day. Others convert that relief into food while others just want to browse the web for anything that's entertaining. I'm one of those people who turn to the internet and regard it as my confidante. And that website is 9Gag - a domain that made its theme their very own signature and a favorite blog site design by many.

I don't know if you've heard of 9Gag since it's heavily popular now in the online world and is one to blame for the internet meme sensation. 9Gag feeds visitors, daily, of random posts that's wildly entertaining. You'll hear phrases like "Bitch, please!" or the word "trolling". OR you might be familiar with the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy who looks insanely handsome even though he's running a marathon. You can even post a picture of your cat that's doing funny and cute stuff. Have something informative to share? Put it up on 9Gag!

Truth be told, words cannot describe how fun it is on 9Gag. However, if you visit it on a daily basis, you might get bored since the feeds on the website depend on when users upload pictures and videos. So, you might want to do that every other day. Or better yet, if you think you've got a better post than the guy who did it first, upload a photo reply with your own take of the picture or meme.

Have fun!


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