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If you're an avid YouTuber (like me) and would go for shorts, music videos, films, etc. without the whole Hollywood hoopla going on, these guys don't need an introduction. They made a name for themselves (a household name at that) in the video broadcasting website and have more than a million fans as of this writing. They've escalated from simple college videos to music videos of some of the most talented people on YouTube and have collaborated with celebrities from different parts of the world. They've also collaborated with other YouTube sensations like NigaHiga, KevJumba and Chester See among others.

Who are these guys? They're Wong Fu Production!

Wong Fu Pro, as I'd like to call them, consists of three talented individuals named Ted, Wes and Phil. The trio met in 2003 at their visual arts class and from then on, they collaborated and have produced, directed and wrote scripts for hundreds of their great videos that have millions of views on YouTube. Because of Wong Fu's popularity, they then released their very own online store, selling t-shirts, accessories, DVDs of their film feature and their Awkward Animal plush toys.

Here's one of their works that I absolutely love:

You might be wondering why I'm posting about YouTube stars when my site should be about websites that have something to say. Well, if you visit Wong Fu Production's website today, you'll see that the design is simple but easy to navigate. Plus, it comprises of videos that are worth watching.



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