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Welcome to my website. A place where you will find some of the greatest websites that’ll get you through the day (minus the porn).
This is where you’ll also find websites that I like and keep on visiting simply because they’re interesting. :-)
Enough said, let me introduce you to Nintendo8 – where you can play 8-bit games FOR FREE (you like the sound of that, eh?)! Its games are java-scripted, so, you better install Java first before anything else (that is if you don’t have it yet).

8-bit games? What’s that?… Thank you for that question, late 90′s or new millennium kids!
If you are born during the 80′s and early nineties, the sound of Mario’s ca-ching! is like music to our ears. Or PacMan’s crunchy munch meant running for our dearest lives.
8-bit games looked a lot less attractive than what your PSPs can display today. Our Prince of Persia wasn’t quite as handsome as Jake Gyllenhaal is in the movie nor do Harry’s wand was straight as an arrow – although Harry wasn’t born yet at the time. Our games’ graphics and characters can be made with the use of Microsoft Paint, to be honest.
So! Without further ado, get your game face on at Nintendo8


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